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Welcome To Andy's Oil

Welcome to Andy’s Oil, a vibrant new, customer focused oil delivery service based in the Birches, Co. Armagh. Delivering to the local area and further afield on a daily basis you can trust Andy to provide a quality, efficient service as well as superb value every time. Andy’s Oil delivers home heating oil (kerosene), Red diesel (gas oil) and white diesel (derv).

With a modern lorry, of lightweight aluminium construction and rear wheel steer (so as not to damage your driveway) our digital meter provides highly accurate and fully traceable deliveries.

Daily Fuel Prices

Quantity Price
Quantity Price
100 LTRS £70
200 LTRS £120
300 LTRS £169
400 LTRS £220
500 LTRS £255
600 LTRS £307
700 LTRS £359
800 LTRS £405
900 LTRS £449
1000 LTRS £499
1100 LTRS £549
1200 LTRS £599


With over 10 years of experience delivering fuel to domestic and commercial clients we understand that customers sometimes expect more from their oil company. That is why we offer a unique range of additional products and services at special prices with all orders of oil.

  • Free boiler bleeding if you run out of oil - it happens to us all!
  • Oil Watchman - never get caught out in the cold again. From the comfort of your home you can be alerted when a top up is required. Then simply call Andy’s Oil!
  • Secure locks for most tanks - with oil theft an ever present risk it is important to secure your oil tank. The standard locking points on many oil tanks are easy to bypass without the knowledge of the owner. We can supply locking devices which can reduce the risk of theft in this manner.


In order to maintain best value for money, all orders will be cash on delivery or prepay via credit or debit card (credit card charges apply).

Please allow up to three days for delivery. However if you require an earlier or timed delivery, please inform me when placing your order and I will do my best to accommodate.

Place your order today with Andy's Oil on 0756 55 11 444